Our Vision, Gospel Values & Mission

Our Vision, Gospel Values & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at Elim Church Loughborough is to be: Spirit-led. Word-fed. Growing followers of Jesus.

Our Gospel Values

We recognise these five Gospel values as being key to us fulfilling God’s call to us.

  • Displaying God’s love
  • Demonstrating God’s power
  • Declaring God’s Good News
  • Devoting ourselves to one another
  • Dedicating our lives to God, and to doing the work He is calling us to do

Our Mission

By being Intentionally Relational and Missional, and by living out our Gospel Values, we will:

  • Grow Intentionally Relational & Missional followers of Jesus.
  • Grow outwards from central gatherings, making a greater impact beyond our boundaries, declaring God’s Good News around the corner and around the World.
  • Grow in number, as we reach, teach, baptise and nurture new followers of Jesus.
  • Grow closer to one another, as we grow as followers of Jesus together.