Our Sunday Gatherings

Our Sunday Gatherings

Sunday Gatherings

Our Sunday Gatherings, at 4pm, are Word-fed and Spirit-led celebrations of God’s love.

We meet from 3.30pm for tea and coffee, which is a good way to catch up with one another before we worship and praise God together.

Our worship will be led by one of our worship bands, taking on a contemporary, lively and engaging feel. We want to be in the presence of God, singing to Him and not just about Him! We believe that as we draw near to God in worship, so He draws near to us.

We always have a time when the whole church family worships and praises together, but most weeks our children and young people will head off to their own sessions where they will have the chance to learn and grow together in following Jesus. Once a month we have an ‘all4GOD’ gathering, when we spend an hour or so together before enjoying food afterwards!

We believe the Bible, God’s Word to us, is centrally important in teaching, instructing, and shaping us as followers of Jesus, so we will always have a talk or teaching session designed to help us understand God’s Word and apply it to how we live. Most talks last for around 25 minutes – not too long! On most Sundays, the whole church family will be learning from the same Bible passage, giving us something to discuss and talk about at home!

We believe that God moves in power as His Spirit is allowed to touch our lives, so we like to make time and space in our gatherings to welcome this to happen. Sometimes we will see and hear the Holy Spirit in action as He leads individuals to contribute to our time in various ways, using the spiritual gifts He has given them. Often we will encourage people to pray for one another, and we also have a Prayer Team that has been trained to pray with and for people as the Holy Spirit leads.

No two gatherings are ever the same, although we probably have a certain pattern that we are familiar with! The important thing for us all as we come is to place our worship of God at the centre of everything and to invite Him to do what He seeks to do.

If you come and visit us, you’ll notice that we’re a bunch of people from all walks of life, of all ages and backgrounds. Some dress smart, some dress casual. Some have been following Jesus for years, some are still thinking it over. The thing that draws us together is our desire to be growing followers of Jesus who love Him, live for Him, and enjoy Him together.

Everyone is welcome – come and see us!


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